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For information about donating to the archives,
please use our contact form or call 301-663-1188 x 103 or x 102

Archival Items

Heritage Frederick is a privately run institution which makes our collections solely reliant on the donations of the public. We have large holdings on certain topics, though we wish to grow in other areas as well.

Some topics that we would like to have more resources on include African American history, Hispanic history, farming history, items from any 20th century war veterans, nurses, parents etc., industrial histories (Everedy, McCutcheons, Lincoln Tailoring Co., etc), diaries, Jewish history, towns outside of downtown Frederick, prohibition, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Land Records, maps, oral histories, photos, family genealogy books or compilations, and business histories. This is not a full list, but several suggestions.

We are immensely grateful for each and every donation we receive, and we thank the public for thinking of us.

*Please note that Heritage Frederick will only accept items that have direct connections to Frederick County (about someone who lived or worked in Frederick County, owned by someone in Frederick County, or was made in Frederick County.)

Don’t have items for the collection, but want to help?

If you are not able to donate collection items but still want to contribute to the Research Center and Archives, there are many ways to do so.

Taking care of 27,000+ items in the archives requires lots of supplies and equipment. In order to ensure the safety and health of our collection, all items are kept in acid-free boxes and folders with acid-free paper or tissue separating each piece. As our collection grows, the need for these supplies continues. Also, in order to share our collection with the public, materials are digitized using scanners, cameras, and computers.

At the moment our equipment is rather out of date and could use some replacing. As you can imagine, all of these necessities add up quickly and because of that, we need help from the public.

Whether it be a monetary donation, presentable office furniture, and/or electronic equipment, we appreciate every donation! It allows us to continue to provide an excellent service to all who visit Heritage Frederick.

Thank you!

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