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Bridging the Past to the Future

Heritage Frederick – Historical Society of Frederick County

Bridging the Past to the Future


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Heritage Frederick is a dynamic educational and cultural organization that recognizes the impact of Frederick County, Maryland, on our state, nation, and world. Heritage Frederick excels in engaging and interactive experiences that are relevant, accessible and meaningful to all people.


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Did You Know...

Union Manufacturing Company

Throughout the 19th century, textiles production continued in the county. Fulling and woolen mills continued, while cotton production slowed down. As the century progressed, a new facet of the industry took hold: the manufacturing of clothing. Sewing factories opened throughout the county, producing everything from shirts to suits to seamless hosiery.

In 1887 five Frederick men chartered the Frederick Seamless Hosiery Company, making half-hose for men, with 18 knitting machines and 15 female employees. The factory was located at 34-36 East Patrick Street, but later moved to the Vulcan Iron Works building at 340 East Patrick Street. In 1889 it was renamed the Union Manufacturing Company. After the Dupont Company invented nylon, they challenged the Union Manufacturing Company to try to make hosiery with nylon.
After experimenting for several days, they succeeded and produced the first seamless nylon hosiery in 1937.

Bridging Frederick County's past with its present and future

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