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Giving Tuesday Nov. 28, 2023

“I can’t believe what I am seeing. A real Claire McCardell dress, with my own eyes. My mommy and me read her story, I know all about Claire, did you know she is from my home town? She lived right down the street from where I live today. This is a special day.” – 9 year old, Sarah

The “Stitches” exhibit has been a hit with people of all ages and stages in life. Over 2500 visitors from 35 states, DC, Puerto Rico and 7 countries! Our goal is to create more memorable experiences like Sarah’s (above). We could use your help bringing to light our next exhibit, Brushes With History – Inspiring The Personality of Frederick.  This giving Tuesday, please consider us as part of your giving plans. It’s giving that matters!

Stitches Through Time Exhibit – LAST DAY December 16, 2023

The Stitches Through Time exhibit explores one story of women’s work, interpreting the history of textile production up to the 1950s. It features a beautiful selection of hand-sewn quilts and clothes from the 1800s; equipment, advertising, photographs, and ephemera from the factory era; and selections of mid-20th century clothing by Claire McCardell that reflect the department store culture that emerged after World War II. Ten wedding dresses spanning 100 years showcase the themes in our story.

Hagerstown and Frederick Railway – LAST DAY Dec. 16, 2023

From 1896 until 1954, a network of interurban trolley lines were built linking communities across Frederick and Washington Counties. This exhibit presents the history of these electric railways and how they changed the landscape and communities of Frederick County. View historical photographs and artifacts from the trolleys and a map showing the various routes that comprised the overall system at its height of operation. This display is Heritage Frederick’s 2023 Community Gallery exhibition, presented in partnership with the Hagerstown and Frederick Railroad Historical Society.

Frederick County Decorative Arts

Since the earliest days of European settlement, Frederick County has been a crossroads of diverse cultural experiences and traditions. The material culture of our county, from everyday utilitarian goods to finely-crafted luxury furnishings, reflects the blending of English and German decorative styles. Explore our latest exhibit of Frederick County Decorative Arts including furniture, clocks, glassware, silverware, metalwork, textiles, and portraiture.

Digital History Library

With the generous support of Don Linton, Heritage Frederick is excited to share our new Digital History Library. Browse works on local history, notable figures, and historic architecture for free. Current offerings in the Digital History Library include books exploring the revitalization of Downtown Frederick, a survey of eighteenth and nineteenth century houses around Frederick County, and a biography of Charles V. Main, former Chief of the Frederick City Police Department, among others.

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