InSpired, a documentary project

InSpired, produced by Three Roads Communications, is expected to be a one-hour documentary intended for national distribution to public television stations as well as national and international distribution through streaming services.

Heritage Frederick is the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor of Three Roads Communications for the InSpired project. Photographs and documents from Heritage Frederick’s archival collections also will be featured in the film.

The documentary uses the floods of 1972 and 1976 as a starting point to convey to viewers the deliberate actions taken by Frederick’s leaders to achieve the change that defines Frederick now. As part of that story, the rich history of Frederick will be related to viewers so that the community can be placed in context for viewers around the country. In short, the project will trace the history of Frederick from pre-European days through 2023’s In the Streets event so that viewers across America and around the world have a complete context for understanding how their own city or town can make some of the positive changes that Frederick has. The history of Frederick will be placed in a larger, American context, so that viewers can understand how national and world events impacted Frederick and vice-versa. A complete history of the area will be told.

The documentary is being produced in 4K, which is the highest technological format broadcast currently. This will ensure the desirability of the documentary both domestically and internationally. It also means that the documentary will have as long of a shelf life as possible, meaning additional distribution possibilities for the next decade.