We the People, a new exhibit at Heritage Frederick, highlights the impact and influence of early inhabitants and settlers as well as stories of today’s immigrants in Frederick County.

This online gallery is a preview of our larger in-house exhibition.

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Eagles negro league baseball

Local Voices, National Stories: A Frederick History

Discover the rich history of Frederick County and its role that it has played in the nation. Journey through the county’s struggles, triumphs and entertainments spanning the colonial period to the cold war era. The stories are told through museum collections, photographs and personal accounts from the period.

Women's Army Corps, 1945
Snallygaster exploratorium

The Snallygaster’s Exploratorium

This interactive exhibit explores Frederick County’s history from the pre-historic era to the present. In Can You Dig It?, explore the world of the dinosaurs that once roamed Frederick and practice your skills as a paleontologist as you discover and identify four hidden fossils.

Visit the Between The Lines: Do you long for the days when communication was simple? Do you prefer the fast track of mobile devices? Explore some of the major laps in communication technology over the past 200 years and see if you can decipher the message between the lines. The exhibit holds over 10 different activities that you and you family can discover.

Snallygaster alone

Reading Between the Line:
The Mason-Dixon Line that Borders North & South

This exhibit combines the rich history of the Mason-Dixon Line and the men who surveyed it, with Dr. M. Kenneth Starr who made professional stone rubbings of the markers which Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon laid. Dr. Starr learned this craft while studying in China and then utilized it to save history that would otherwise be lost due to deterioration. On display are pieces from the Washington County Historical Society as well as private collectors.

We hope you come to the museum and explore this part of Frederick County history!