Research Services

The Research Center at Heritage Frederick shares the vast resources of our library and archives with the public. We encourage you to make an appointment to visit us for genealogical, property, or general Frederick County historical research.

Our library offers thousands of volumes covering the history of Frederick County communities, significant historical events to occur in the region, and genealogical resources including birth, marriage, death, church, military, and census records as well as individual histories of local families.

The archives contains manuscript collections from local families and organizations, maps, newspapers, photographs, diaries, and more.

The Research Center is open by appointment, Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, begin your visit by contacting us here >>.

Conducting Research at Heritage Frederick

Please contact our archivist to set up an appointment for our library and archives. Appointments are necessary in order for our staff to have all materials onsite and available for your visit. You may contact our archivist by emailing

When visiting the Research Center, customers will receive a full-service experience, with staff on hand to offer assistance in identifying resources, pulling archival materials, and to discuss other potential sources of relevant information to your research.

Additional assistance from Research Center staff (exceeding 30 minutes) is available at $25.00 per hour. There is no fee for entrance to the Research Center.

Can’t visit the Research Center in person?

Submit your genealogy, general history, property, or image request to the Research Center using a Research Request Form. Heritage Frederick’s research service fees are explained on each request form.

Please note that is a research request exceeds the time indicated in your request submission, a staff member will contact you for permission to move forward at an additional fee of $25.00 per hour.

Research request findings and copied resources will be delivered digitally via email unless you specific that you wish to receive a hard copy via the mail.