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Parsons Newman was a prominent lawyer, active between the 1920s and 1970s; among his many civic activities was serving as president of the historical society. Heritage Frederick and our community still benefit from his generosity through the free P. Newman Speaker Series. 





P. Newman Speaker Series

An Era of Trolleys in Central Maryland

On April 26, 2023/ 5-7 pm.  The Reed Room at the Museum of Frederick County History will be open for socializing and lite refreshments between 5:00 and 6:00; the presentation will start at 6:00 pm. RSVP required, limited seating.

Reuben Moss, president and curator for the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway Historical Society,  will be presenting a multimedia look at the history of the trolley system that served Frederick and Washington Counties, the reasons for its creation and decline, and the legacy the trolley system left behind.

Reuben has been recognized as one of the preeminent authorities on the local trolley system history and route, and he has led the operations of the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway Historical Society since 2015. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Road Heritage Foundation and has been leading the redevelopment of the Boonsboro Trolley Station Museum.

Stitches Through Time Exhibit

The Stitches Through Time exhibit explores one story of women’s work, interpreting the history of textile production up to the 1950s. It features a beautiful selection of hand-sewn quilts and clothes from the 1800s; equipment, advertisements, photos, and ephemera from the factory era; and selections of mid-20th century clothing by Claire McCardell that reflect the department store culture that emerged after World War II. 10 wedding dresses spanning 100 years showcase the themes in our story.

Frederick County’s Enduring Crossroads Exhibit 3/4 – 4/14/23

The history of Frederick County has unfolded around its crossroads, from rural villages and towns to the city’s square corner. This exhibit explores our local crossroads through the themes of community, land, identity, and persistence, and will feature artifacts from Heritage Frederick’s museum and archival collections as well as loaned artifacts from South Mountain Heritage Society in Burkittsville. Heritage Frederick presents this exhibition as a complimentary program for the Smithsonian Institution’s Crossroads: Change in Rural America traveling exhibition which is being hosted by Rose Hill Manor Park and Museums from March 4 until April 14, 2023.

The Hagerstown and Frederick Railway 3/1 – 12/31/23

From 1896 until 1954, a network of interurban trolley lines were built linking communities across Frederick and Washington Counties. This exhibit presents the history of these electric railways and how they changed the landscape and communities of Frederick County. View historical photographs and artifacts from the trolleys and a map showing the various routes that comprised the overall system at its height of operation. This display is Heritage Frederick’s 2023 Community Gallery exhibition, presented in partnership with the Hagerstown and Frederick Railroad Historical Society.

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Heritage Frederick is a dynamic educational and cultural organization that recognizes the impact of Frederick County, Maryland, on our state, nation, and world. Heritage Frederick excels in engaging and interactive experiences that are relevant, accessible and meaningful to all people.

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A Fine Frederick Story

Volunteering, Early February 2023

Through-out the month of February, volunteers worked on important projects for the museum. In the first photo, Patty Kettlestrings, Suzy Bailey, and Adriene Wodey prepare to install more than 50 new commemorative bricks in the Heritage Garden. In the second photo, Nancy Bodmer is steaming one of 10 wedding dresses in preparation for our Stitches ... Read more

We the People. Virtual Exhibit.

Frederick County has always been a crossroads. It’s allure to residents and visitors today is not much different from what captivated the Indigenous Peoples or the settlers from around the world who came here over the last 275 years. People have benefited from a scenic environment, ample natural resources, fertile lands, and the production of … Read more

President Truman in Frederick

Former President, Harry Truman visited the city of Frederick on June 21, 1953, in his Chrysler Sedan, alongside his wife in the passenger seat. They made a stop at Carroll Kehne’s Gulf Station on 400 West Patrick Street, where Truman found ten reporters and photographers from D.C. waiting for him. Truman and his wife drank … Read more

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