Heritage Frederick  – The Historical Society of Frederick County
Bridging the Past to the Future

Continued Tips and Tricks

  • Beware of spelling changes in both first and last names.
  • Learn the common abbreviations and language used in genealogy
    • Birth/Born → b.
    • Death/Died → d.
    • Married → m.
    • Baptism → bpt. or ba.
    • Birthplace → bpl.
    • Buried → bu. or bur.
    • Clerk→ clk.
    • Discharged → dis.
    • Mother → m.
    • Father → f.
    • Honorably Discharged → hon. dis.
    • Obituary → ob. or obit.
  • Know that boundary lines between counties and states have changed as well as some place names.
  • Do not rely solely on genealogy websites as typically anyone can input information whether it is true or false.
  • Know the difference between family lore and fact.
  • Do not store all of your information in one place, have a backup to a backup!
  • Always use birth names rather than nicknames. If you did not know a persons birth name, try to speak to someone who will remember, if possible.
  • Learn how to read and utilize the information on a census.
  • Know that address numbers change.
  • Be aware that it is unlikely that the witnesses of a wedding are the parents or even family members.
  • Attempt to locate a Family Bible, the information written on the inside could be incredibly helpful.
  • Do not take newspapers as completely factual, journalists and reporters are human!
  • Even though it is literally etched in stone, tombstones are not always accurate.
  • Last but not least, START NOW! The sooner you begin, the more information you will have. As each family member passes away, stories go with them.