Volunteering, Early February 2023

Through-out the month of February, volunteers worked on important projects for the museum. In the first photo, Patty Kettlestrings, Suzy Bailey, and Adriene Wodey prepare to install more than 50 new commemorative bricks in the Heritage Garden. In the second photo, Nancy Bodmer is steaming one of 10 wedding dresses in preparation for our Stitches Through Time Exhibit. In photo three, James Stier is assembling our new acrylic signs to their bases. The fourth photo, is one of four trainings held for our new and seasoned docents (30 volunteers were trained). In the fifth photo, Jim Callear shares his insights on the Stitches Through Time Exhibit, with an FNP reporter. Jim has been instrumental in planning, and developing our new exhibit.

President Truman in Frederick

President Truman with Coke machine

Former President, Harry Truman visited the city of Frederick on June 21, 1953, in his Chrysler Sedan, alongside his wife in the passenger seat. They made a stop at Carroll Kehne’s Gulf Station on 400 West Patrick Street, where Truman found ten reporters and photographers from D.C. waiting for him.

Truman and his wife drank Cokes and ice water while his car was being serviced at the station, for about thirty minutes. Kehne was surprised when reporters came into his station, who were asking if they could call Margaret Truman to see when her father would arrive.

In shock, Kehne mentions that when Truman’s Chrysler Imperial arrived in the parking lot that it was “beautiful.” After Truman had his Coke and his car filled with gas, Kehne would not let him pay the fee, saying, “I just wanted to be able to say that I treated President Harry S. Truman to a tank of gasoline.” He said they talked about everything, as Kehne put it, “He was the kind of guy who could talk to you about anything, fixing cars or changing oil, or politics.”

The “famous” Coca-Cola bottle is currently on display at the Museum of Frederick County History.