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The 1892 Society

The Historical Society of Frederick County, dba Heritage Frederick, created The 1892 Society to recognize individuals, past and present, who have remembered the organization through their estate plans. The program’s name reflects the year Heritage Frederick was organized and symbolizes the important foundation that is created by those who establish lasting legacies. The 1892 Society is a hallmark of Heritage Frederick’s planned giving initiatives and represents an important part of the organization’s ongoing growth and success.


Members of The 1892 Society are permanently listed on the Donor Board at the Museum of Frederick County History and are acknowledged in other meaningful ways. Individuals who have included Heritage Frederick, or are considering including it, in their planned giving are encouraged to contact Executive Director Mary Boswell to discuss this opportunity.  We hope you will consider joining this special group of benefactors.


Leave a lasting legacy and ensure Heritage Frederick’s future by becoming a member of the 1892 Society. The 1892 Society makes a tremendous impact on Heritage Frederick’s ongoing success. Please contact Mary Boswell at mboswell@frederickhistory.org for details and to take your place in honoring Frederick County’s past with a gift that extends to the future.


Ways to Support Heritage Frederick

A gift to Heritage Frederick is a gift will help ensure that the county’s rich heritage is preserved for generations to come. While we always recommend that you consult legal counsel or your financial advisor before making any major financial decision, we do offer the following options for your consideration:


Charitable Gift Annuities & Charitable Trusts

Through a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust, you retain an interest in the gift, with the remainder to be received by Heritage Frederick at a later time. There may be specific tax benefits to you and your estate in utilizing one of these planned giving tools in support of Heritage Frederick.


Life Insurance

If your life insurance policy no longer has the significance for your family’s financial security that it once did, you may wish to consider donating the policy to Heritage Frederick. You may do that in one of two ways. One, you may make Heritage Frederick the owner of the policy, which makes your premium payments tax-deductible. Two, you may name Heritage Frederick as the primary or secondary beneficiary of the policy.


Appreciated Stocks

If you sell appreciated stock, you may have considerable capital gains exposure. Even with market fluctuations, you may have stock that is worth more now then when it was purchased. Through a gift of appreciated stock to Heritage Frederick, you may enjoy dual financial benefits while also making a meaningful contribution. By donating the stock you may be able to deduct the full market value, while avoiding tax on the capital gain. To take advantage of the dual benefits, the stock must first be donated to Heritage Frederick. The transaction can be completed electronically from your broker to a brokerage account that we have established for this purpose.


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