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Festival of Trees: Vote for Your Favorite Tree

Festival of Trees: VIP Reception

Sunday, December 9, 2018 (5:00-8:00 pm)

Online Voting Ends December 9, 2018 at 1:00pm

Presented By: Frederick County Bank


Join us for a merry cocktail party featuring holiday music, hors d’oeuvres, wine and champagne, silent auction and a very special live auction featuring beautifully decorated holiday trees by local artists, merchants and celebrities.

Vote for Your Favorite Tree

$1 per voting ticket or $20 for 23 voting tickets (the height of the Christmas Tree) 

Tree #1: Holiday Baubles: Champagne Christmas

By: Emily Dorr


From the round bulb ornaments of varying sizes to the cascading effervescent ribbon, this tree is inspired by the celebration of the season. Sparkling chickadees and white doves perch upon the snow flocked branches adorned with gold poinsettias and tender white blossoms. What better way to celebrate than with a little bubbly. Disclaimer:  This tree comes without the hangover!

Tree #2: A Very Seussical Christmas

By: Robin Rose


Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Personally, Dr. Seuss takes me back to my childhood and my favorite book–Go Dog Go! I have filled my whimsical tree with bright, fun ornaments in various shapes, colors, and textures to represent the imagery of Dr. Seuss’s work. I chose to highlight two of the most well-known Seuss characters, Cat in the Hat and The Grinch, with prominent decorations. This tree will bring a smile to the faces of both children and adults during the holiday season. What’s better than Green Eggs and Ham? Green Cash Money! Please bid on this tree to benefit Heritage Frederick!

Tree #3: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

By: Scott Grove


There are few Christmas carols that generate a greater sense of heartfelt longing – if not time travel – than this sentimental tune written in 1943 at the height of WWII. May you be where the love light gleams this Christmas, if only in your dreams.

Tree #4: Holiday Elegance

By: Mary Riser



The tree is adorned with bulbs, garland, birds, flowers and other festive holiday decorations.  The tree uses a silver and green color scheme.

Inspiration: I wanted the tree to be elegant so I went with a silver color template which bounces beautifully off the green.  I thought it would be so pretty covered heavily with ornaments and decorations because it harkens back to the classic era of the holidays, with an elegant touch.

Tree #5: Let It Snow

By: Nikki Irwin


Tree #6: A Woodland Christmas

By: Bryan Voltaggio


Tree #7: Escape to Margaritaville

By: Steven & Karen Fennington


The inspiration for our tree comes from the laid-back feeling of being at the beach and fun times spent with our family.  The vibrant colors of summertime (our favorite time of year), along with the relaxing sound of the ocean and the sound of family laughter, creates our own “Margaritaville”.  “Live life like a song” (words of Jimmy Buffett) creates our Escape.  We’ve chosen ornaments that bring us a sense of happiness and enjoyment; that symbolize our time at the beach.  We’ve also included one from our family Christmas tradition of “where’s the pickle”! Many of the ornaments on our tree are of “Old World Christmas” (Ec’clectibles/Downtown Frederick from our infamous DTF WalkAbouts).  We’ve left the tags on these ornaments so that you can read the messages that describe the inspiration for each ornament. So, if it’s daily stress at work, occasional life stress, or even the ultimate stress of the holidays, create your own “Margaritaville” and enjoy your Escape.

Tree #8: The Peacock Tree

By: Michael Smith and Brian Ward


Peacocks are regarded as a symbol of protection, and sometimes their feathers are regarded as good luck. The Peacock Tree is adorned with a large white peacock from Etsi. She sits in a gold flower nest from Pier One, surrounded by other white and gold peacocks. Her majestic surroundings are completed by black, gold and clear bulbs with feathers inside, purchased from “At Home”.

Tree #9: Let There Be Peace on Earth

By: Marj Berkheimer and John Gladhill


The theme for my tree evolved from visiting Japan in April 2018.  I toured both Hiroshima and Nagasaki where I saw the history of devastation as well as the pleas for world peace. The symbol of the crane was used often in the museums.  An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish from a crane. As a music teacher in Frederick County, I taught the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” countless times to my elementary school children. My colleague, John Gladhill, taught art in Middletown and taught the same countless children to create origami cranes. We collaborated to create our gift and vision of world peace.

Tree #10: Arctic Ice

By: Jan West


The crystal, white and silver ornaments, along with many added lights for brightness, create the sparkle and twinkle on the tree. Sitting on a bed of freshly fallen snow with baby polar bears and packages peeking out from beneath the tree add an element of surprise and fun.

Tree #11: Yes We Canned 

By: Steve Pippin and Walter Olson


Between around 1868 and 1948, industrial-scale vegetable canning was vital to Frederick County’s prosperity. 75 canneries operated in Frederick and Carroll counties, affording farmers a prime outlet for such crops as sweet corn, peas, tomatoes, and string beans and offering employment to thousands of hands during the canning season. Our tree was inspired by the gloriously colorful label art of the great age of canning, as captured in Harry Conover and John H. Foertschbeck, Sr.’s book “Carroll and Frederick County County Canneries” (available through Heritage Frederick). Among communities represented are Frederick, Thurmont, Monrovia, Mt. Airy, Keymar, Taneytown, and Westminster. Vintage glass fruit and vegetable ornaments and sleds laden with dollhouse cans and packages add variety, along with decorations that nod to surviving landmarks of the canning business in present-day Frederick.

Tree #12: Transparency

By: Martha Pierce


I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and physics of color. Although seemingly very different mediums, both fused glass and watercolor share the beauty of transparency, allowing the various pigments and minerals to blend and refract in unique patterns with infinite variety. These fused glass pieces are created with glass from Seattle Washington. The pieces are cut to various shapes and melted in a kiln at 1400 Degrees. I also combine “lampworking” techniques to achieve the unique patterns and accents in the finished pieces. I’ve very please these pieces were fired in my electric kiln using 100% solar energy! Watercolor, a more traditional art form, is great fun, but almost impossible to anticipate… Which is great for someone like myself who’s “other life” requires control and predictability. In addition to the fused glass ornaments and watercolor art, I’ve created a handmade watercolor travel palette, with a selection of artist’s grade watercolors, to get you started on your own exploration. As an added “Bonus”, the winner of this tree is invited to a Two-hour studio session to learn to create your own fused glass masterpieces. (To be arranged at our mutual convenience)

Tree #13: Memories of Yesteryear

By: Bradd Hammond


This potted “ball and cone” topiary is made from a standard 4’ table top tree.  An additional 200 lights were added to enhance the sparkle. The black and white buffalo plaid ribbon brought back memories from childhood Christmases when our family would venture out to cut the tree. My father would always wear his black and white plaid coat and several of us boys had traditional hound’s tooth coats, as was the style. Red and natural florals, cones and berries create the warmth of holidays past. I have used my “traditional spin” on the theme, of course.


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