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In-Class Programs

In-Class Programs

 “Thank you so much for your presentations. … Our 7th graders had a great time learning about our local community.”

—7th grade teacher

Please reserve your tour at least 2 weeks in-advance.

School Programs Fees


1 Program: $4.00 per student

2 Programs (Same Group/Same Day): – $6.00 per student

Chaperones-  Free (1 adult per 4 students)

Additional Chaperones– $4.00 each

Title 1 School-  $1.00

Life as a Maryland Slave

Length: 40/60/90 minutes  | Grade: 6th-8th

According to the diarist Jacob Engelbrecht, there were 532 slaves living in the city of Frederick in 1830. This does not include the many more slaves residing elsewhere in Frederick County. How did these slaves live? What kind of work did they do? How did they eventually attain freedom? In this program, students learn about the lives and experiences of Frederick County slaves.


On the Border of Freedom

Length: 8th-12th | Grade: 40 minutes

Examine the experience of slaves in Frederick County as we view historical documents, diary accounts, oral history and images.  What were their homes like? What type of work did they do?  How did they eventually attain freedom? Students will gain a better understanding of the institution of slavery in Frederick County and types of resources historians use to piece together the narrative of the past.


WWII German POW Camp

Length: 30 minutes | Grade: 8th-12th

Did you know that Frederick was the site of German POW camps during World War II? Students will discover what prisoner life like and how the Frederick community reacted to the camp.  This program visually comes to life through a series of photographs taken by MP Charles P. Wales, who served as a guard at P.W. Branch Camp #6 from September 1945 through the spring of 1946.


School Program Reservations

  • Complete the online form or contact Mary at 301-663-1188 ext.107 / mboswell@frederickhistory.org
  • A confirmation and invoice will be sent to you upon receipt of your program request.
  • Please note walking tours are limited to 60 students per tour time. If your group has more than 60 students, you will need to schedule either staggering tour times or multiple days for all of your student
  • Tours are available Wednesday-Sunday

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