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Christmas card vintage
Message in Christmas card

Christmas card to E. Ralston Goldsborough from ‘Leona’

Mr. Goldsborough was a dedicated advocate for the preservation of Frederick’s most iconic historical places. The people of Frederick knew him as an amateur anthropologist, genealogist, and archaeologist. He was also the editor of ‘The Maryland Guide.’ Artifacts he collected alongside fellow archaeologist Nicholas Yinger were used to establish a further detailed history of Frederick County. He was known for findings of Native American artifacts in the county, particularly the Piscataway tribe. He also took part in saving Frederick’s Jug Bridge, which everyone loves dearly!

December 30, 1912
Happy New Year to Mr. Kenney

This post card is one that would have gone out to customers or other members of the community to encourage shopping at a particular store; much like the ads we receive today via mail and email.

The transcription reads:

Three hundred and thirteen days in the year I’m ready to serve you with Pure Foods at the lowest possible prices.

Make my store an annex to your kitchen. You’ll find the best foods here. Properly priced too.

Start the year right – but your groceries right here, I’ll treat you right.

The best my store affords is none too good for you.

With compliments of the season.
We remain yours truly,
John H. Wright
Libertytown, Maryland