Medicinal “Physic Garden”

It was common for physicians to have at their disposal a “physic garden” with a variety of medicinal, herbal, edible and useful plants. Ours is representative of what Dr. Baltzell might have had to treat his patients’ various ailments during the mid-19th century.  It was installed in 2020 and is located directly behind the old smoke house and kitchen area of the home.  

Visitors will find a host of medicinal plants including mint, lemon balm, milkweed, chamomile, fennel, valerian, lavender, hyssop, mallow, witch hazel, coneflower, sage, and tansy.  The garden, enclosed by a picket fence and graced with a meandering slate pathway, is a wonderful place to learn about medicinal plants and how they were traditionally used to treat and heal in the 19th century. 

There are laminated educational guides located at the entrance to the medicinal garden.

Funding for this new space was received from the Mary Gregg Cornish Memorial Fund through the Community Foundation of Frederick County.