Loats Little Library Box

We are very excited to invite you into the garden to enjoy a book from the Loats Little Library Box, named after John Loats (1814-1879), who resided here. Mr. Loats was a prominent Frederick businessman whose many philanthropic contributions benefitted children. We’d like to think he spent time reading on the rear porch or in his garden and would be pleased to be honored in this way. The book selections were chosen by the Heritage Garden Committee and were generously funded by the Mary Gregg Cornish Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation of Frederick County and through private donations. Please contact us if you are interested in donating a book from our wish list.

We kindly ask that you return all materials to the library box before leaving the garden.

While you’re in the garden be sure to watch for Reggie the Rabbit who lives among the flowers and bushes. If you’re very quiet, you may see Reggie hop across the lawn.