Elisa Desormaux

When I took my citizenship oath, I did not cry.
A lot of people were escaping from a dictatorship or other pressures,
but I had a wonderful childhood.

Elisa Desormaux

Elisa Garza is from Chihuahua, Mexico. In 1967, she earned her nursing degree and went to work in an Illinois hospital, where she met her husband. After her contract ended, she returned home, and they were married. They moved to Michigan and eventually settled in Walkersville.

Their neighbors welcomed them immediately, and their children enjoyed school. Elisa worked as a nurse until retiring. She now serves as a Frederick Memorial Hospital medical interpreter, a job she loves. With their children now grown, Elisa understands the pain her family experienced when she left Mexico. The couple eventually will join family members in Texas.

Memory Treasure

Eliza Garza Blanket

When Elisa Garza left Mexico to work in the U.S., she brought this crocheted coverlet that her grandmother made to remind her of home.