We the People: Museum Exhibit Ends 10/22

Our new exhibit “Stitches Through Time: Women’s Work from Farm to Fashion” is being developed and will be installed by March of 2023.

Spires of Frederick

Frederick County has always been a crossroads.
It’s allure to residents and visitors today is not much different from what captivated the Indigenous Peoples or the settlers from around the world who came here over the last 275 years. People have benefited from a scenic environment, ample natural resources, fertile lands, and the production of necessary goods and amenities.

A continual mosaic of people has created and re-created this unique and special place. Frederick County’s story goes on with authors that include new residents who arrive from neighboring counties, states, and countries from around the globe.

We the People is a new exhibit at Heritage Frederick highlighting the impact and influence of the experiences of early inhabitants and settlers to Frederick and how the stories that modern immigrants have today aren’t all that different.

This online gallery is a preview of our larger in-house exhibition.

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